About Sal Hawkins

I am a bigender pilot-to-be living just north of Seattle with my two husbands. I'm also an immigrant from Britain. My husbands and I own a beautiful 1905 two-storey house that we are continually fixing up. We love animals and I own a ragdoll named Jack and a ball python named Sawyer, alongside our stupid, tiny family dog, two other cats and a cornsnake.

I'm Anthony Pacheco's editor (under the pseudonym Sofia). I'm currently available for freelance commissions in both editing and writing, so if you'd like to hire me, just drop me a line!

I'll do just about anything for family. I live to fly, and I love cooking, eating (in or out), and buying food and books. I like tea and coffee equally, and something fierce. I believe in seizing opportunities; in trying everything once; in love, dreams, stories, and the power of free trade.

When I'm not cooking, blogging, reading, or working, I like to play video games. I also write, both fanfiction and original fiction. I'm very interested in history and mythology, especially ancient Greece, Arthurian Legend, World War II and the Enlightenment.

I have overcome an eating disorder and alcoholism. I detest politics. I'm a fighter and a fiercely loyal friend - I prize loyalty and truth above everything else.

For my favorites, check out this post.

This is an awesome blog, but that isn't meant to decribe the quality of the blog so much as the content - think 'food blog' or 'travel blog'. Mostly I try to just lead by example, which doesn't necessarily mean that I am awesome yet, and definitely doesn't mean that I'm the best person to teach awesomeness - however, I am an excellent candidate for learning awesomeness, and I'd imagine that's what most of you are interested in doing too.

Above all, thanks for being here!

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