Sunday, 13 January 2013


I got my Perceforest book, and it is one of the most fascinating books I have read to date. I just finished reading the introduction, which is written by an extremely meticulous and learned translator who explains the main themes of the book, and I am completely enthralled already. I have been having some nice quiet time on my own in the movie room with my book and my laptop, but I've also been running out into the living room every twenty minutes or so to read my husbands another passage from the book and rant about how fascinating it is. I will be making a Perceforest post soon, but not tonight; I need time to absorb what I've read.

My father told me about some people he knew as a grad student, who had decided that they would only talk to each other about important things, and wouldn't discuss trivialities. It's interesting because I have come across people like that too in my life, and it's always annoyed me. I like discussing trivialities, I like fun and silliness and joking around.

But I've also been very conscious of my mortality - I think everyone around my age begins to be aware of that. And more and more I find that I want to spend as much time as possible doing worthwhile things. I want to fill every minute of my day with things that I love: reading, writing, painting, drawing, blogging, watching tutorials, learning languages, doing work that I enjoy for money that I spend on things I love, like good food and dates with my family. Ultimately, I want to spend every minute I can learning.

The motivation to learn comes from love, and I want to indulge that as much as I can. I can't get a job yet because I don't have a social, but I have freelance work lined up editing a sci-fi series for a client that I genuinely like as a person. The stories are compelling and the work is fulfilling and fun, and even though I'm not working every month, when I do work I get the same kind of money that I would if I worked in retail. I want to keep this a pattern, if I can; I want to keep doing work that I find fulfilling and fun.

Ultimately, I want to spend all of my time on love, in one way or another. I have wasted an awful lot of time on various forms of hate, and I want to expand my world and feel fulfilled in every moment now.

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