Friday, 4 January 2013


It is 0425 and I have finished my editing project. Everything is packaged up and sent to the client just four and a half hours into the day of the deadline. My timekeeping is improving. It was 474 pages by the end, and I feel incredibly accomplished. Now all I have to do is hope that my client likes it enough to give me the contract for the next five, haha!

I've been missing Europe again, everything in it: London/Oxford/England/Europe. I miss having history that was right there. I've been really interested in Tristan and Isolde for one of my writing projects, and I have a burning desire to visit Cornwall. Not that it helps now, but knowing that for years it was just a few hours away on the train is very frustrating now that I'm cut off from everything. It's more than that, though; it's the British Museum, the Bodleian, the Ashmolean, the British Library. There's no Greek and Roman art here to speak of, which is frustrating my desire to see that too. The rule is, the bigger and more important the city, the more good stuff there is in it. The art museum here is nice but it isn't very fundamental and that just frustrates the hell out of me.

It just makes me look forward to living in Virginia even more. Richmond's got a better culture scene going on and there's some real history out there too. It isn't even so much that the history itself is important, as that it makes people care, and a place that is cared about is like a magnet for interesting things.

Not to mention it's five hours away from NYC, by car. When this guy has a plane, you better believe I'll be flying out there every other weekend.

Staying up all night to finish my work means that I get to take tomorrow off! I'm going to finish another writing assignment for my other client over the weekend so I can deliver it by Monday, but the important thing is that I can finally start doing other stuff again, like reading my Arthur storybook, which I am going to do now.


  1. I know what you mean - it's strange, having set off on a big adventure, to find oneself in a less storied world. Virginia sounds like win, though, esp. given the proximity to DC and all its treasures.

    1. Being broke doesn't help either! I start a new job tomorrow though, so my broke days are over :B

      I haven't updated with this news yet, but Virginia is a secondary destination - we want to get an apartment there later, if we can. The big move is scheduled for New York instead :B Which, aside from being the goddamn Hope Diamond of big cities, is still sufficiently close to all the other stuff on the East Coast. Especially for the dude with the plane :U